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Girls Scholars Program

Supporting Girls Through Education

Only 45% of Haiti’s adult female population is literate. Though girls attend primary school on par with boys these gains are reversed in secondary school. In fact, less than 22% of all Haitian children enroll in secondary school, primarily due to cost.

Adolescent girls are frequently pulled out of school to assist with domestic chores or to pursue domestic labor jobs in cities where they are at risk for abuse, forced unpaid labor, and exploitation. 

Unfortunately, the average Haitian girl only attends school until the age of seven.

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Let's Support Change

Jou Nouvo is collaborating with Circle of Women, a woman-run organization that supports providing education to girls across the globe to help change this reality. 

The Girls Scholar Program (GSP) is an innovative partnership between the two focused on providing secondary education for Haitian girls in Bon Repos. In September of 2021, the first class of 61 GSP students will begin school. 

The girls in the program will have access to a computer lab, a library, and a multi-purpose classroom through Jou Nouvo’s new community center. The program is intended to pave the way for future inspirational leaders and changemakers for Haiti.

Let's change reality

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