Jou Nouvo Haiti Youth Education Fund (HYEF)

The Haiti Youth education fund empowers Haitian students to attend a University in Haiti.

New Opportunity to Support HYEF via Project Angel


Five students in Thayer's Global Scholars Program have recently launched Project Angel to support educational development in countries with populations that are under-served. Supporters can purchase an angel made by artists in Port-au-Prince, Haiti from upcycled oil drums. Proceeds from the sale will help fund the Jou Nouvo Haiti Youth Education Fund (HYEF).

Click the button and select 'Annie Huycke, Jou Nouvo' to get yours!  


This program aims to expand education opportunities for youth in Bon-Repos, Haiti through the creation of a sponsorship program for selected students. The purpose of the fund is to enable Haitian high school students to continue their education at a university level, despite otherwise not being able to afford the tuition. 

Thanks to generous seed funding from the Community Engagement Fund at the United Church of Christ in Norwell, a partnership between UCC Norwell and Jou Nouvo will finance the cost of university tuition, and also support each student through regular communication and providing necessary school and personal supplies. Upon graduation from university and completion of their studies, each student we sponsor will commit to community service via Jou Nouvo. Please click here to view the application in English and French.


Your Support of the Haiti Youth Education Fund (HYEF)

Your donation not only helps to make the aspirations of determined, inspired students a reality, but also supports Haiti’s next growing generation of educators, entrepreneurs, diplomats, and medical practitioners. The cost of one semester at university in Port-au-Prince is roughly $750 US dollars (not including housing and transportation fees). Any contribution is a welcome addition to realizing one more student’s dream of a university education.

Haiti Youth Education Fund is planning for $7,000 to be the full financial support required for one student to complete four years of University education at a top school in Haiti. This includes tuition, books, and a laptop computer. In addition, Jou Nouvo is committed to support each of our students succeed by engaging closely with them throughout their university journey. We encourage families, schools, churches and organizations to consider sponsoring a specific student which offers the possibility to engage directly with ‘your’ student and build a powerful, meaningful relationship over time. 

Please consider these donation options:

  • Entire cost of tuition and supporting materials (4 years) = $7,000

  • One Year University tuition = $1,500

  • One Semester University tuition = $750


Background & Inspiration

The Haiti Youth Education Fund was initiated by Annie Huycke in her Senior year of High School. In 2015, Annie and family went to Haiti to visit the 7-year-old girl named Leetchmie Augustin whom they sponsor through Jou Nouvo. Over the course of their visit, Annie was incredibly lucky to develop a close friendship with Medjine Charles, Leetchmie’s 19-year-old cousin. Through WhatsApp and Facebook, Annie and Medjine keep in close contact, referring to each other as “soeur” or sister, despite the geographical distance separating Bon Repos, Haiti and Boston, MA.

“As someone both smart and determined, Medjine had often shared with our family her dream to continue her education in university, a dream which financial reasons made impossible. It was incredibly frustrating to realize that Medjine, despite having the same academic aspirations that I do, would not be able to go to university as a result of something that was completely out of her control. In 2017, my family and I started sponsoring Medjine to go to Quisqueya university in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and I’m incredibly proud of my Haitian sister as she goes into her second semester of studies in the field of international affairs. Her success is a large part of what inspired the possibility of creating this sponsorship uniting Jou Nouvo and UCC Norwell. This idea, which became the basis for HYEF, grew out of a project for my Global Scholars Capstone course at Thayer Academy and has since expanded into the endeavor that it is today. It is the goal of HYEF to ensure that dedicated students like my foster sister Medjine can access all the incredible opportunities that a university education offers.”  
- Annie Huycke   
Thayer Academy, Braintree MA. Class of 2018
Northwestern University. Class of 2022

"The HYEF is an initiative inspired by Annie Huycke, from my experience at Quisqueya University. We met in 2015 when I was 19 years old and since then have become inseparable sisters, despite the distance. 

In 2017, Annie and her family proposed to financially help me go to University. An impossible dream for me was realized. With a university education, doors will open up for me. I have the possibility for a better life. I will be able to work and help my family, help the Environment and help our Community. To quote Immanuel Kant ‘Man cannot become man without education’. Even if it’s not always easy, I apply three methods to succeed; determination, effort and sacrifice. These methods also caused the HYEF to be born. I would like to call out to all sponsors that Jou Nouvo is doing extraordinary work in the Bon Repos community. It is permitting students going to university to begin a brand new chapter in their life."

Medjine Charles (21 years old)
Student at Quisqueya University, Port au Prince, Haiti

If you have any questions about the Haiti Youth Education Fund, please contact Jou Nouvo Board Member John Huycke at