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About Us

Jou Nouvo provides access to education for families in Bon Repos, Haiti. Through education, we enrich the community and break the cycle of poverty.

Haitian native Kerline Tofuri founded Jou Nouvo in 2008 to respond to the needs and aspirations of the poor in Bon Repos, Haiti, where she grew up. Soon thereafter, Jou Nouvo, a 501(c)3 organization, began its first programs: Adult Literacy, Basic Health Instruction, Small Business Loans, and Child Sponsorships.

More than a decade later, Jou Nouvo proudly continues these programs in Bon Repos and has added a university scholarship program as well. We have even provided assistance for natural disasters on the island. Through every program, we help individuals and families create a new cycle of hope.

“There is joy, singing and dancing. There is learning and laughter. There is a picture of people coming together to exchange ideas, encouragement and empowerment to realize concrete or transformative change for the welfare of everyone, for self, for community and for Haiti as a country." -Kerline Tofuri

Reflecting Haitian Culture

The spirit of Haitian culture is an important part of Jou Nouvo’s mission. As Kerline, founder and president, explains, “Growing up in Bon-Repos in a family of farmers, Haitian culture has its roots in our belief of ‘Konbit,’ which means working together as a team, a tribe, to complete a task through until the end.”

Everyone at Jou Nouvo is able to express their views in any language that they feel comfortable. We all strive to respect our environment and to treat each other with honesty and kindness. Above all, at Jou Nouvo we serve everyone with dignity, regardless of their religious beliefs or economic situation.

Our Recent Impact

Girls Enrolled in the Girls Scholar Program
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Jou Nouvo Employees in Bon Repos

Who We Serve

We serve the Bon Repos community in Haiti. Bon Repos is about 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) north of Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. Until the late 1970s, Bon Repos was known for its vast open space and its rich soil that was ideal for agricultural production. 

Today, it is referred to as a poor suburb that is overpopulated with minimal land left for farming. In Bon Repos, private schools, churches, shops, and open markets are in abundance but access to health clinics, libraries, and free public schools is extremely limited. In this area, crime and unemployment are high and nutrition and health conditions are declining. 

Jou Nouvo was created to address the needs and aspirations of the Bon Repos community.

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