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Our Team

We are connected and in this together. Konbit

Keeping with the tradition of Haitian culture, Jou Nouvo community members form a Konbit. We all come together, roll up our sleeves, prepare to work, and create whole-life improvements for Bon Repos, our families, and future generations.

Our Board of Directors

Kerline Auguste Tofuri
Founder and President
BA, Social Services Field, Family Advocate

John Huycke
Chairman of the Board
Business Executive, MBA, CPA

Christine T. McDonald
Treasurer, Accountant CPA, MST

Vladimir Jeune
Commercial Counsel, Pharmaceutical Industry Executive

Robert B McConnaughey
Impact Investing Executive

Liz Robinson
Brand and Marketing Strategy Executive

William Cass
Public Relations Executive

Our Team

Our Haiti Team

Lynn’ Balmir, Program Director

Chrislie Rosier, Operations Manager

Reginald Barbot, Program Associate

Julie Francois, Receptionist

Medjine Charles, Receptionist

Jimmy Champagne, Computer Lab Coordinator

Elta Pierre-Louis, Coordinator

Celimene Dalencourt, Literacy Instructor

Fery A. Larose, Literacy Instructor

Narah Leblanc, Instructor

Marie Guerline Belfort, Instructor

Cazelais Ilfra, Literacy Instructor

Johanne Altema, Literacy Instructor

Dieunite Demar, Instructor

Marie Maude Maryse Telemaque, Instructor

Glada Antoine, Housekeeper

Our U.S. Volunteer Team

Cathy Huycke, Sponsorship Coordinator

Christine T. McDonald, Volunteer Accountant CPA, MST

Nikenson Romage, Development Office

We are also grateful for the tireless commitment of our team of regular volunteers. They donate hundreds of hours of their expertise in areas including grant writing, coordination of fundraising events, program administration and development, donation coordination, collecting supplies, website development, and database development.

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